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نمایش فیل ها در تایلند
Elephant Show in Thailand

Nature Tours are becoming popular in a big way. In a way it's not so surprising as Thailand has a lot to offer when it comes to exploring and discovering the wonders of nature, especially in the Phuket, Khao Sok and Khao Lak regions.

Lumbering through the jungle on the back of a swaying elephant is an unforgettable experience, as is a tree adventure tour and even more exhilerating is bamboo rafting downstream during the rainy season, observing the jungle wildlife. For the more active visitor to these



On the Western outskirts of Bangkok is the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo. They label it themselves as the "greatest elephant show in Thailand" and I think they are probably right. I went there yesterday with Nong Grace and she thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. In addition to the elephant show, they also have a crocodile show. Surprisingly I had never been before. In Samut Prakan, we have the "largest crocodile farm in the world", which in addition to crocodile wrestling, it also has an elephant show. So, I couldn't really see the point to travel out to Samphran as well. It is also a lot more expensive. But, I am now glad that I did make this effort.

The highlight is undoubtedly the Elephant Theme Show. I have seen quite a few elephant shows now and many of them have a similar theme. This usually invovles elephants doing unnatural acts such as walking a tightrope (Safari World) and disco dancing (Crocodile Farm). Some of the best shows I have seen so far were on the outskirts of Chiang Mai where they did demonstrations of how elephants were used for logging. But, the show at Samphran was all encompassing and gave better value for money. What I particularly liked from the start was the use of English narration and dramatic sound effects. One of my pet peeves are the tourist attractions that charge foreigners 400% more than Thai people and then don't make an effort to give the foreigners value for money. Take Safari World as an example. Despite having to pay a lot more than Thai people, all of the shows were in Thai language. Samphran is a rarity in that they catered for the foreign tourists.

During the show, we saw how the elephants are not only revered by the Thai people, but how useful the elephants have been throughout their history. We were given demonstrations of how they caught elephants in the wild. Then how they were used for logging by picking up tree trunks with the help of their tusks and then pulling them along the ground. Next came some light humour with the Elephant World Cup. A herd of elephants came on wearing team colours for various countries. They did some various party tricks like picking up objects on the ground while racing down a course and dancing to disco music. They also tried some head stands. But the highlight was a penalty shootout using giant balls. Some of the elephants were pretty good at scoring while others were hopeless and knew it. The elephant with Ronaldo's name on it was pretty funny. After scoring a goal, it got down on its knees and did a good impression of a footballer doing a victory dance.

The climax of the show was the big battle between the Siamese and Burmese armies. In the olden days, the kings fought on elephant back. Everything was recreated for the show in fine detail from the battle gear of the elephants to the uniforms of the soldiers. The show was certainly dramatic with not only the sword fighting but also the loud explosions. If you are going to the show with young children, you should get them to cover their ears for this part. At the conclusion of the show, there is an opportunity for you to go closer and take a picture with the giant elephants. Apparently, the elephant with the tusks in the picture at the top is father to twenty other elephants at this zoo. If you like, you can also buy sugar cane or a bunch of bananas to feed the elephants for only 10 baht. Compare this to the rip-off price of 40 baht over at Safari World for a small bucket of leaves for the giraffes. There is also an opportunity here to ride around the arena on the back of the elephant for only 70 baht.


Phuket Thailand
Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand
Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand

Adventure Tours in Thailand

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Thai beaches are just charming. But while taking about the awesome Thailand and adventure-traveling then they seem to be left fare behind. Just pay attentions to how cute are the picturesque jungles and the opportunity of feeling yourself as a real Tarzan, or at least Jane.

The adventure lovers are directly sent to the northern part of the country – to Chiang Mai, where
there is no sea, but still untouched jungle, for the sake of natural beauty and in search of extreme adventure.

The most innocent and attractive of them, which can simply turn into family fun including even small children – walk on an elephant. Feel like a real Riding Thai aristocrat can be done in any elephant camp.

The first acquaintance with the giants will be held during the elephant show which is the most attractive show of the region. Pending curious visitors can come quite close to the animals, feed them and even sit on their trunks.

The show begins with the animals swimming, and then they demonstrate the skills that were needed to their descendent, who worked in the logging. Elephants emit almost acrobatic tricks, play soccer, and everything ends with a session of…painting!

No matter that the elephant trunk only holds a brush, and his every movement controls the trainer – the audience applauses greeted with every drew line on the paper.

All of the works created by these creative animals are true samples of the animal art. No surprise that after the show they are being gladly bought up by the tourists.

The end of this show is simply beginning of another level of adventure- it is time to ride. At the back of the animal there is a saddle-seat for two people. Mostly the front seat is being occupied by the coachman, and the back – is there for the passengers. By the way, your live mean of transportations counts on tips from you so be ready- right before your ride you should not forget to buy a couple bundles of bananas and sugar cane to feed the giant on the road.

The elephants are crossing the river carefully, trying not to interfere with the flow of the slowly sailing rafts. Rafting is just another popular game in Thailand. Tourists are placed on rafts for 4-5 people. Two or three Thais manage to move forward with the help of long sticks: using them instead of the usual sticks slightly altering the course to the raft did not get into the whirlpool. Entertainment is not dangerous so the passenger list can also include children. The main thing – do not forget to wear a headdress and better to smear on sunscreen, because the hot Thai sun is very insidious. Those who love the dangerous rapids, it is better to agree on a serious rafting – the north is popular with rushing rivers.

Of course, a leisurely walk on the elephant backs and rafting on the calm river – this is only preparation for the present Thai extreme. The next attraction like those who want to go to this Thai jungle and even see them from above, as they see the birds living in trees.

Attraction “the flight of gibbon” will allow anyone to fly over the 1500-year old tropical forest on ropes stretching between the trees.

It all begins in a small Thai village of Mae Kompong which is 55 minutes drive from Chiang Mai. There guests are being issued with proper equipments and a small instruction.

The principle of this attraction is simple: thick metal cables are stretching between the sites among the old trees.

The program lasts for about 3-4 hours. Groups are accompanied with two instructors – two “sky rangers”, as they are called here: one standing in the beginning of the path, the other takes flying up to the next site. Your heart sinks when the first time you fly over the “canyon”. Strong ropes and carbines, of course, guarantee security, but do not eliminate the thrilling sensation of almost free flight.

Route total length is more than two kilometers from the ski-lifts, hanging bridges over the abyss.

And several vertical sections on which the person gently lowers along the trunk at 10-30 meters.

And even this attraction some people consider not to be scary: after all, much depends on the instructor and almost nothing of yourself. It’s brave to raise the level of adrenaline in the blood. It is a ride on the mountain and off-road buggies on. Small, but very stable machines can overcome almost any obstacle: the pits, ditches, hills and slopes. The acuteness of sensation adds route, built between the sheer cliff on one side and a precipice – on the other. The endpoint of the route – the top of the mountain, where a beautiful view of the surrounding fields and villages opens up.

However, in the jungles of northern Thailand you can do a lot of other things that do not include extreme: in the woods there are various laid trails, which are designed for travelling on foot or on a bicycle.

The reward for the travelers will be the fact that they will get acquainted with ancient temples and tribes living in the forest, magnificent views of the cascades of waterfalls, gorges and caves, hot springs and beautiful plants, and kept along the way.

And some people will choose the safest way to find out the nature of northern Thailand and will go to Chiang Mai zoo. Its territory is so great that it is better to travel in special minibuses.

Driving past bathing hippos, something melancholy elephants, munching lazily dozing crocodiles, make a stop at the aquarium and, of course, almost homecare pride zoo – pandas, Chuang Chuang and Ling-Ling.

The base point for trips to the north of Thailand is more convenient to choose the region’s capital – the city of Chiang Mai. There are many hotels of all categories and local agencies are ready to organize a campaign at any level of complexity.

And in between times you can go to the massage and visit the local landmark, from which thrills every heart beat Shopaholic. About the Sunday night market, which occupies several streets, they say that if a thing is not there, then it simply does not exist!

Phuket Th

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